Like a tree branching out

In the City of Frederiksberg, local schoolchildren spend their afternoons at Klub Tempeltræet – literally the Temple Tree Club – an after-school club with several creative workshops and lots of other activities.

Klub Tempeltræet is situated in a densely built-up district of Frederiksberg, and is a stunning example of contextual architecture. The building height culminates on the corner, which is nicely rounded, from where it descends in steps to align with the height of the neighbouring properties.

The building is constructed from wooden cassettes clad in exterior shells of recycled bricks in various bond patterns, ensuring that it blends in well with the Frederiksberg cityscape.  Tempeltræet was presented with an award by the City of Frederiksberg in 2021. There are several outdoor spaces at the after-school club, including a roof terrace, while indoor activities take place in rooms off the stairs winding their way up the building.


A tour up the tree

Next to the entrance is a large kitchen with access to a backyard which is perfect for hygge, playing with LEGO, games and much more. Rising up through the building, the staircase is like the trunk of a tree, where children can settle down on a recessed window seat or built-in bench next to the oak stairs. The building also houses a gaming room, a music studio and several creative workshops, including a room for role-play.

It goes without saying that many of the club’s activities generate considerable noise, so the acoustics are crucial for a harmonious indoor environment. All the ceilings are clad in white Troldtekt acoustic panels, which absorb the sound and at the same time add texturality to the spaces. Light from the courtyard floods into the stairwell , while the activity rooms receive ample daylight through their large windows. The curved window at the top offers impressive views of the city.