Historical venue for art, music and conversatio

The Dunkers kulturhus arts centre in Helsingborg is a venue and an attractive tourist destination for people interested in art and culture in the Öresund region and in Sweden. Danish architect Kim Utzon won the contest in 1997 on the theme of “The city by the sea” when he designed Dunkers Kulturhus as a medieval fortress.

Troldtekt Dunkers
Photo: Thorn Agency

Kulturhuset is centrally located in the Helsingborg harbour district and offers a wide range of cultural experiences. History, contemporary art and music can be enjoyed in the various exhibition halls. The architectonic building actively connects the city with the sea. A wide passage through the building makes it possible to move from the city’s square to the quay and the marina. The corridors in the building offer harmonious and fascinating walks on “city streets”, often featuring a magnificent view of the water.

Multi-purpose and minimalist

Kulturhuset was inaugurated in 2002 and covers an area of 16,000 square metres. The building features an art gallery, city museum, concert hall, theatre, music school, café and restaurant. People gather here to experience various forms of artistry at their leisure, or to eat lunch in good company. The diverse needs of Kulturhuset make sound a key parameter in achieving a pleasant indoor environment.

To avoid long reverberation times and echoing, concrete elements with fields of sound absorbing Troldtekt wood wool panels have been used in the exhibition section. On the ground floor, the ceiling is covered with natural grey panels. From the light to the coarser. The restaurant features acoustic panels in a natural wood colour, giving a beautiful structure, and a dropped ceiling at a lower angle than the roof.

“The acoustic panels in the restaurant are a delightful addition that lends warmth to the strict architecture and minimalist concrete. I’m very happy with the acoustics. Sound technicians are here regularly to rig up before concerts, and business guests like to hold lunch meetings in the restaurant. They say they’re able to sit and talk in peace without any echoes while the musicians blare out their music at concerts,” says Björn Bolay Hofmann von Baltenau, restaurant manager at Dunkers Kulturhus.