Covered square

In a real square you will find a post office, café, shops and open spaces - all these are brought together under one roof in the former post office building on Østerbro in Copenhagen. The place is called ENIGMA, and is the first stage of the new museum for postal, telegraphy and communication services.

Troldtekt Enigma
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

The post office, which dates back to 1922, serves as a backdrop for a wide range of activities, and just like in a town square, there are many events that take place that require a high degree of flexibility. The second stage of ENIGMA is being implemented in the extension which was built in the 1970s, where the actual exhibition will be established. It has been an exciting challenge for the architects Bertelsen & Scheving to design a room which can be used for many different purposes.

The architects have designed the large pieces of ‘furniture’, with the post office and the shop serving to structure the expansive space. Along the wall that features large and beautiful windows, furniture has been arranged for dining and relaxation etc. This more open area is suitable for various events, talks and smaller exhibitions. At the back of this large room, there is a shop selling designer items and crafts.

Remarkable acoustics

In order to create a square that works for the individual ‘shops’ and the place as a whole, Scheving & Bertelsen has devoted considerable attention to the acoustics and lighting. The acoustics work extremely well thanks to the sound-absorbing ‘gymnastics’ floor and the Troldtekt ceiling panels. At the same time, the white Troldtekt provides a striking contrast with the black-painted beams and the numerous black tracks for the lighting fixtures. The combination of pendants and spots, which can be moved around, has created a flexible lighting solution that also adds to the intimate atmosphere.