The music venue Fermaten has made a great comeback having being renovated and extended starting a new era in its 25 year old history.

Troldtekt, Fermaten in Herning
Photo: Thomas Mølvig, architect

It was designed by Kim Utzon Architects with Kobra Architects A/S from Herning. Midtconsult A/S handled the engineering aspects while Flex Acoustics ensured that the acoustic environment is perfect for rhythmic music. The turnkey contractor was CC Contractor. 

The new Fermaten is a typical Utzon design with dark tiles and an almost pitch black interior. Kim Utzon describes the concept:

“We wanted to improve the venue so it could meet the requirements of a modern music venue. At the same time, we wanted to retain and emphasize the nice and intimate atmosphere of this old jazz club – an atmosphere like the old illicit bars in Chicago.”

“We kept the original high ceilinged concert room but turned the stage. In this way, we have made better use of this new area. On the first floor, there is a U-shaped balcony from which the audience can also have a good view of the performers.“

Sound engineer Niels Werner Larsen from Flex Acoustics is also an experienced musician who understands the importance of reducing reverberation at musical events.

In Fermaten, almost only electrically amplified music is played which is tantamount to very powerful sound levels – not least in the bass frequencies. I knew that when Troldtekt is used correctly, the panels absorb a lot of sound energy – even from low-range tones. Thereby, the sound becomes much more defined as it is not reflected, particularly from the ceiling. We have not only used Troldtekt in many parts of the ceiling but also on some of the walls. The acoustics of this great music venue are now superb and audiences, musicians and sound engineers are delighted with the concert sound, “says a satisfied Niels Werner Larsen.