New centre for the village

Two light-flooded wooden buildings characterise the town centre of Legau as a new community building ensemble and offer ample space for a wide range of activities within the lively village community.

Acoustic panels from Troldtekt offer unique sound-absorbing properties and ensure superior acoustics in cultural buildings

The Gasthaus zum Löwen pub in the centre of Legau is no more – in its place, the rural municipality in the Unterallgäu district now has an attractive village centre for the more than 3,000 inhabitants with a new community centre, which is suitable for a variety of different uses and which also includes a new pub, complete with beer garden.


Defining ensemble in a central location

Located centrally in the town centre next to the church, market square, town hall and kindergarten, the new building is a two-part ensemble that blends harmoniously into the surroundings and visually defines the market square with its two gables. The slightly offset buildings, which are joined by a passageway in the basement, were constructed as wooden buildings.

The two buildings were built to Energy-efficient Building 55 standard, with heating and cooling via surface heating with ground water heat pumps and a peak-load boiler. They attract visitors even from the outside with their light wooden façades made of spruce strips in varying thicknesses and widths, as well as large window fronts.


Light fir wood for a natural feel-good atmosphere

In the light-flooded interior, a large, bright hall has space for almost 500 guests. There is also a smaller hall, spacious foyers with high ceilings, a guest room for around 60 people, kitchens and a bowling alley. Light fir wood dominates the design of the walls, ceilings, windows and stairs and exudes a pleasant and natural feel-good atmosphere.


Ceiling panels create bold aesthetic accents

Light grey Troldtekt acoustic panels have been installed on the ceiling in the large community hall and foyer. They were installed as a strip-design, large-format acoustic cloud and set a strong design accent. The spaces between the elements provide a view of the black roof and ceiling construction or supply lines.