The story of cars

The Haaning Collection is a modern take on a motor museum, and was established by the Haaning family. Throughout his life, Erik Haaning has collected cars from all periods, while his sons Nicholas and Michael Haaning have had the ambition of sharing the collection with the public at large.

Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

Upwards of 80 cars and motorcycles are exhibited at the new motor museum in a different and exciting way, which caters to a wider audience than the typical car enthusiasts. The museum presents the 135-year history of cars and motorcycles divided into five eras from 1886 until the present day, and thus tells an interesting story about motor vehicles and their development. The collection is made up of cars for everyday use as well vehicles with more panache. The collection is housed in a single large space in former industrial premises with a classic sawtooth roof and north-facing skylights. However, the Haaning Collection also has event facilities, a café, cinema, playground and office space. The desire has been to create a venue with a wide range of experiences for visiting families.

Elegant details
The designer Helle Flou has deftly created an aesthetic universe around the motor collection, with a distinct colour palette for each era that is featured on curtains, podiums, furniture and other elements.“The intention has been to evoke the ambience of an elegant and sexy hotel, with a homely and welcoming feel,” says Helle Flou. Excellent acoustics are guaranteed by the black Troldtekt acoustic panels on the ceilings. On the back wall, in the cinema, in the café and in the office, Troldtekt Line has been used to neatly differentiate the various spaces and surfaces. In the entrance area a car is suspended from the raised ceiling. It hangs upside down, and has been filled with decorative plants. In combination with the delicate green wall colour and the wooden interiors, it testifies to the huge efforts that have gone into creating the perfect setting for presenting the cars and motorcycles.