Nicolinehus – a new shopping centre

Aarhus Docklands now feels closer to Aarhus city centre thanks to Nicolinehus. The staggered roof line of the development is welcoming of the rest of the city of Aarhus, and at street level, a bustling urban environment has been created with shops, eateries and a market.

Troldtekt acoustic panels on ceilings in restaurant

The development is structured as two triangular blocks of flats, which both feature south-facing roof terraces and balconies. The sculptural shapes are reinforced by a beautifully homogeneous choice of materials, with brickwork visually tying the buildings together. Nicolinehus is in every respect a high-quality development, where special priority has been given to the choice of materials.

Between the two buildings, a new urban space has been created, connecting Dagmar Petersens Gade and Bernhardt Jensen Boulevard. This connection between the two main roads at Aarhus Docklands combined with a string of shops has resulted in a lively district attracting a high footfall. Until recently, Aarhus Docklands has been dominated by residential properties, resulting in a call for more shops and businesses – a vision that has now been realised.


Central food mecca

A Føtex supermarket occupies the central part of the large building with direct access to the underground car park. Danbolig, a chain of estate agents, specialises in selling flats locally, and is based in a stylish office featuring black Troldtekt line ceilings, ensuring superior acoustics in the high-ceilinged premises.

If you continue along the boulevard past the pharmacy, coffee shop, hairdresser etc., you come across Letz Sushi on the corner of the passage between the buildings. Here, too, black Troldtekt ceilings have been chosen to emphasise the atmosphere in the graphic decor. In the passage, Troldtekt in natural grey has been installed in the flower shop De 4 Årstider and at Chas. E., a wine merchant – the solution chosen for much of the Nicolinehus development.

The food market is a major attraction at Nicolinehus, where you can shop for groceries or pick up food from the small stalls in the large, central atrium. The place is composed of many different spaces and moods. Sitting along the facade, you can enjoy the natural light and views of urban life outside, while a long table in the atrium offers a different yet nonetheless intense atmosphere. The place is architecturally linked together like small streets, each with their own characteristics while featuring wood and Troldtekt acoustic panels in natural grey.