Situated between central Aalborg and the harbour is the new cultural centre of Nordkraft. This has been created from three of the buildings at the old power station.

Troldtekt, Nordkraft
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

When the machinery was removed, the stunning spaces were perfect for many cultural purposes to benefit Aalborg’s citizens, most of whom would have never been inside before. Cubo Architects won the competition for transforming the complex.

The large and unique spaces were their greatest challenge in addition to preserving something of the original and ensuring good acoustics throughout. For example, the old boiler room is now a multi-functional public room, while the turbine hall with its mighty curved ceiling, covered with natural grey Troldtekt acoustic panels, is perfect for concerts and sports.

Below the turbine hall is Skråen, a well-established music venue. Here an intimate atmosphere was required which is why red was chosen for the walls, stairs and some of the furniture - naturally, the Troldtekt panels are in the same bright colour to match, while black panels have been installed in the concert hall.

In fact, Cubo architects have used Troldtekt acoustic panels consistently as it suits the industrial character of the buildings and ensures good acoustics in the large rooms, selecting panels without bevelling which creates a more cohesive look.

Biografsmøgen (the Cinema Alley) leads to Biffen, the cinema where black Troldtekt panels have also been installed while in the nearby Art Hall North grey Troldtekt has been used to bring comfort and warmth to the exhibition rooms.

Kedelhuset (the Boiler House) is the newest building in Nordkraft and has the largest indoor area. This has now been converted for sports activities, conferences and teaching music. In addition, three new floors above accommodate VisitAalborg, a “Health Centre” and other businesses. Here, Troldtekt natural wood and white-painted Troldtekt panels have been used throughout.