RebildPorten is a dramatically designed new Visitors’ Centre at Rebild National Park in northern Jutland. It welcomes visitors to the area and provides them with a natural meeting and information place.

Troldtekt, RebildPorten
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

Rebild National Park and the Rold Skov woods comprise a unique landscape and a popular destination for walkers, families with young children, cyclists and others who are keen to discover and enjoy the outstanding countryside. RebildPorten is designed to be a place where people can meet but also as a place where they can obtain information before venturing into the woods and hills. The building comprises three main sections - a covered display facing the car park, an indoor exhibition and glazed information area and a more private area for meetings and a staff room. The façades are characterised by their dramatic rustic construction, with strong parallels to the trees and the woods.

“RebildPorten is a distinctive and characterful building whose design takes its inspiration from the shapes and materials found in nature. It represents a meeting between the built and natural environments, with the use of wood underlining the building’s appearance as a stylised forest,” says Michael Frost, architect and partner at CEBRA architects. “In addition to wood and concrete, we have chosen surface materials with a particular emphasis on sustainability which help create a good indoor climate.”

The building suggests a very pleasant and welcoming entrance with fluid spatial interplay between indoors and the great outdoors on the doorstep. This is reinforced by the recurring use of materials such as wood floors and Troldtekt wood wool panels which ensure pleasant acoustics in the high ceilinged rooms. The architects have also taken the theme further with modern, stylised tree stumps for stools and beams for display purposes.