Lounge atmosphere rooftop

The newly established rooftop terrace on top of the Salling department store, located on the main shopping street in Aarhus in Denmark, is a huge success. The inviting Salling Rooftop overlooks the entire city and has become an attraction in itself.

Troldtekt Salling Rooftop
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

There is something liberating about stepping onto Salling Rooftop in Aarhus. From the heart of the city with its many impressions you get a 360-degree view of city, sea and forest. Salling’s bistro on the top floor of the department store is directly linked to the Rooftop café, but there is also direct access to the rooftop terrace if you want to experience the skywalk above the main shopping street.

At the top level, you will also find a café and bar, which offers both indoor and outdoor service. The atmosphere is very relaxed and appeals to everyone, whether you want to enjoy the fresh air and the view or a cold drink.

Attractive design

The design, which is developed by Ramboll Architecture, is a successful balance between being an urban space and a meeting place as well as a living space in a ‘human scale’, as architect Siri Stokholm puts it.

The rooftop terrace is characterised by stairs that double as seating made of wood and ceramic tiles with integrated flower beds – a mix of materials that bind the elements together and create a lounge atmosphere that is underlined by the vibrant and warm materials.   The various levels and spatiality provide differentiated spaces and recesses, like an urban park in the sky.

The café which is situated in greenhouse-inspired architecture is decorated with white Troldtekt acoustic ceiling panels, which is an acoustic and textural solution that you also find at the end of the stairs leading to the rooftop and in the roofed passageway between two terraces. Salling Rooftop adds a bit of adventure to your trip to the city, and it has become a characteristic addition to the Salling department store’s identity.