Multi-use and Multicultural buildings

Tysværtunet Kulturhus in Norway is situated in Haugesund, the main city between Bergen and Stavanger. Opened in the early 1990s, it is a local centre for cultural and sport activities.

Troldtekt Tysvaertunet Kulturhus
Photo: Sindre Ellingsen

Later it was connected to another new building known as Aksdal Aktivitet og Omsorgsenter, the local activity centre for the elderly. Both projects were designed by Viknes Bungum architects and connected via a cafe.

Originally, Tysværtunet was designed with a library, a hall for concerts, theatre, cinema, art gallery, exhibition area and a ‘blackbox’. Later it was extended to embrace various sports activities, such as a swimming pool, sports hall and climbing wall.

In 2012, the former exhibition area was closed and it was decided to use it for youth education. Called the Kulturskolen, it embraces various cultural activities and music. The area was also divided into four rooms. One was connected to the library, two became rooms for rehearsals and the fourth for meetings and storage. All of them were then connected to the existing central meeting area.

Obviously, with so many different activities, the noise levels varied considerably in different rooms.  Consequently, the architects specified Troldtekt acoustic panels for the ceilings and also on the walls. 

Project architect Jan Bungum explains that his choice was 600x1200mm panels, with fine and ultrafine wood wool structure. The lights and the ventilation system are integrated in the ceilings while sliding shutters and heavy curtains are used in front of the windows and on some walls to increase absorption of sound, particularly during rehearsals.

To reflect and match the building’s theme, which is like a wave built with pine, the Troldtekt panels are in the colours natural wood and natural grey.