New main church brings ecclesiastical and cultural events together in one place

The new church in Vennesla, north of Kristiansand, will not only be the main church of the parish, it will also be a cultural centre.

Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool panels ensure superior acoustics in cultural buildings

In Vennesla, the existing church had become too small for the parish’s needs, which is why a new and larger church was built and opened in April 2022. However, the new church will not replace the old church, but complement it and be the new main church for the parish. The church will not only host ecclesiastical events, but also fulfil a cultural function for the local community, such as communal dining.     

The new church was built next to the old church and its exterior has both an ecclesiastical and a sculptural expression. The outer walls are clad in brick developed especially for the building project that has a light colour that gives the building an open and welcoming appearance. The new church has a hall, several communal rooms and kitchens, as well as offices for church staff on the first floor and outside access to a quiet room. In addition, a small sports facility is located in the basement.

In 2022, the new church in Vennesla won the local building prize, awarded by Kristiansand Municipality. Vennesla Church won the award for its architectural qualities, which are modern and consistent and successfully create an interplay between the new and the old church.

This is the fourth church on the site in Vennesla, and continuity between the former churches and the new church has been created by placing wood from the former churches under the altar in the new church’s sanctuary and quiet room.


Troldtekt acoustic panels were chosen for several of the church’s spaces

The church’s staff have offices and meeting rooms in several of the church's corridors and on the first floor. The offices are connected by a long corridor that, in addition to closed offices, contains a work desk and a communal area that is an extension of a smaller open kitchen where staff sit together and eat. Troldtekt acoustic panels were chosen for the rooms to absorb sound coming from the floor, so that there is space to work – even with the door open – as well as to grab a coffee or have a conversation in the kitchen or corridor.

Troldtekt acoustic panels are also used in the church’s quiet room, which, with their natural colour, blend well with the prominent blue wall without stealing its eye-catching hue, while also helping to create good acoustics against the tiled floor and walls.