A good life at Bangs Have

The new nursing home in Struer in western Jutland has been designed with a safe and stimulating daily life in mind - for residents as well as staff. Richly varied materials and physical spatialities are combined with a good indoor climate.

Troldtekt acoustic panels as wall cladding in healthcare buildings
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

Bangs Have was designed as three identical residential units connected by glass corridors, and with a separate communal service building with a reception.  The residential units consist of multiple wings built around courtyard spaces with patios and landscaped garden features. The equally eye-catching landscaping between the residential units adds further to the homely ambiance and sense of security.

The scale of the units is played down, and the materials – such as brick, wooden strips and the detailing around the windows – have been carefully chosen to emulate those of recognisable, traditional homes. Through visual contact and the recurring use of materials, a connection has been created between the outdoor and indoor environments.

Good acoustics throughout

Brick is also featured indoors in the shape of bare brick walls, and like the wooden strips, it is a recurring material throughout the buildings. Moreover, it adds both texture and structure to the the communal spaces, beautifully contrasting with the otherwise smooth and glossy surfaces.

White-painted Troldtekt acoustic panels have been installed on the ceilings in the communal areas, as well as in the corridors. Troldtekt has also been used in the communal service building which houses the administration. The building also houses a large, high-ceilinged communal hall which can be used for gymnastics, music or talks and presentations.