The healing power of good architecture

The very detailed planning process for this eastern Danish psychiatric regional hospital in Slagelse for 194 patients was characterised by innovation and a desire to construct a first class complex which supports patient care and recovery.

Troldtekt acoustic ceilings in healthcare buildings
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

Simplicity pervades the complex, coupled with the recognition that architecture which aids healing for patients is based on classic ingredients such as light and shade, materials, colours and green landscape elements.

However, simplicity is not just about architectural minimalism; it is also about ingenious architectural solutions which result in a calming layout and the creation of engaging spaces with a high degree of transparency.

The social lives of the patients and physical activities have also been key focus areas. Hence the reason why lighting is being used as a therapeutic tool in a modern and interesting combination of daylight and controlled artificial lighting. Particularly dramatic is the central core with its large spiral staircases and the very big skylight which plunges daylight from the fourth floor to the ground.

The materials used are solid and familiar, such as brick, wood, concrete and cement-bonded wood wool. Troldtekt Plus ceiling panels in natural wood colour have been used throughout most of the complex, ensuring good and pleasant acoustics as well as a healthy indoor climate. New LED light fittings are neatly incorporated into the ceiling surface which appears calm and very elegant.

The varied textured finishes of the materials establish an engaging feeling, while the colours carefully chosen by Malene Landgreen successfully enhance and interest the senses of the occupants.