Carefully balanced renewal

The former post office in Hvidovre has been converted into a modern healthcare centre - with a welcoming feel and excellent rehabilitation facilities.

Troldtekt Hvidovre Sundhedscenter
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

The two-storey red-brick building is surrounded by lawns and a park, which have been directly incorporated into the rehabilitation facilities. On the ground floor, citizens are received in a large and bright room with waiting-room furniture and information. Two large skylights ensure the room is filled with light, which creates an open and welcoming feel. In designing the three large rehabilitation rooms, the same sense of light and airiness has been achieved.

Nordic – Office of Architecture, which has extensive experience with healthcare construction projects, was determined to draw lots of light into the building while at the same time retaining its original qualifies as a solid, brick building.

Inside, a fine balance has been struck between refined and more rustic materials. At basement level, the designers have made the most of the level differences so that the original basement now extends out into the green park with yet another training room that is directly connected to the outdoor spaces. Treatment and interview rooms as well as the administration are placed on the first floor.

Consistent design

On the ground floor, the high-ceilinged rooms that used to be the former post office storerooms have been turned into training centres. Here, Troldtekt acoustic panels have been installed to ensure good acoustics.

At the same time, the architects have very artfully incorporated the lighting in the ceiling. Glass panels around the doors ensure a sense of continuity between the rooms, while also effectively distributing the daylight. In addition to the beautifully coherent ceilings and floors, fine wooden details have been used to create a particularly friendly atmosphere.