Harmony across materials

Kong Gauers Gård near Vejle is the country’s first fully integrated care home and daycare centre. Both inside and out, there are facilities that can be used by care home residents, daycare children and the residents of Gauerslund and the surrounding area.

Troldtekt acoustic ceilings in healthcare buildings

The angular reception building is divided into two parts with a centrally located entrance. With both homogeneous facades and a wood overhang, you feel a warm welcome and an embracing space. One wing houses the kindergarten rooms, while the opposite wing primarily houses staff facilities on two levels.

In the inner square of the entrance are located various functional spaces such as a common room, meeting room and motor skills room, and this is where the building's paths intersect. This is one of the places where natural interactions between generation will take place.

Surrounding the main building are the care centre's six residential units. This means that outdoors, too, there will be an overlap of recreational spaces and outdoor activities for different age groups.


Important materiality

Each section of the care centre is centred around a small courtyard characterised by a combination of wooden and brick facades. Inside, a lot of thought has also gone into materiality, giving the space warmth and texture. Brick tiles form a room divider with a fireplace in the living room, and throughout the common area, the ceiling has exposed wooden beams, creating a cosy atmosphere.

White Troldtekt ceilings make up the rest of the ceiling surface, thus becoming a unifying surface, not only in the care centre, but throughout Kong Gauers Gård. Troldtekt ceilings are also found in the individual care home residences. Good acoustics can enhance the homely feel of a place.

The care home has residences in three different sizes, each with a spacious bathroom and a lovely low bay window to view the natural environment outside and perhaps a group of children out for a walk.


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