Tranquillity descends on Åhus Seaside

After two years of renovation work, this historic hotel in Skåne, Sweden has opened in a new and exclusive version – one that uses building materials that welcome nature inside.

Åhus Seaside hotel resort is located in the Swedish town of Åhus in Skåne, where chalky white sandy beaches border on the exclusive holiday apartments. Åhus is a town where you can feel the presence of history. Several medieval buildings have been preserved and the old town district dates all the way back to the Iron Age.

Åhus Seaside has been a popular summer destination for both Swedish and foreign guests for decades, thanks to its inviting beaches. The hotel, which was originally built in the 1960s, was much in need of renovation.

The work of bringing the hotel into a new era began in 2020. In summer 2022, Åhus Seaside was ready to invite guests to its new state-of-the-art hotel facilities which, in addition to the 72 bedrooms, also include a spa, restaurant, bar, fitness facilities and a conference and party hall.


Troldtekt brings cohesion

During the renovation project, black-painted Troldtekt panels from the Troldtekt line design variant were chosen for the ceilings indoors, in the reception area and in the overhangs that have been built around the building’s ground floor, first and second floors. Black Troldtekt acoustic ceilings were also installed in the spa area.

This helps to create cohesion and a calm atmosphere at the hotel, where wood had already been chosen as the primary material, together with dark, muted colours. All this was done to bring as much nature inside as possible.

Troldtekt is also particularly suitable for rooms with high humidity levels, both indoors and outdoors.Tests from the Danish Technological Institute show that Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool can withstand up to 98 per cent humidity.