Minimalist idiom

The bar is 9 metres long, and barrels of beer are stacked near the entrance. There is no doubt that this is all about beer with sophistication. The brewery "To Øl" established "BRUS" in 2016 and is already opening a similar outfit in Oslo.

Troldtekt, Brus og To Øl
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

The neighbourhood is Nørrebro in central Copenhagen, and the building is a former industrial building. The building serves many functions and with its 750 square metres easily accommodates the combination of pub, brewery, restaurant and shop without the need for partitions, except for the toilets and storage areas.

The interior design is mobile and flexible. The atmosphere at "BRUS" emanates from the large muntin windows, the brick walls and other delicate materials – here, aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand with the individual elements combining into a strong whole.

Wood plays a special role in the modern interior design, where a coherent narrative has been created around an uncompromising approach to everything from lighting to labels. The beer barrels are made of wood, and the Rømer/ Harboe joiners have fashioned the "BRUS" bar, tables and booths from three oak trunks with backrests shaped like beer barrels and cork seats.

The chairs are Børge Mogensen chairs in oak. But importantly, at BRUS wood also adds warmth and aesthetics, robustness and cleanness. Wood also plays a role in regulating the acoustics in the form of white Troldtekt ceilings behind the visible installations.

The distinctly relaxed and inviting atmosphere at "BRUS" is largely thanks to an uncompromising interior design based on conscious choices of materials with a focus on function and quality in every detail.