Recently refurbished food court in appetising surroundings

The food court in the centrally located Caroli shopping centre in Malmö has had a facelift, with Troldtekt selected as an acoustic solution for walls in the dining area.

Troldtekt acoustic panels have unique sound-absorbing properties and ensure superior acoustics in, for example, restaurants

Caroli Köpcentrum in central Malmö has been refurbished to breathe new life into the centre and connect it more closely to the surrounding area. With this in mind, the restaurant and café zone of the shopping centre has also had a facelift, masterminded by Malmö-based Horisont Arkitekter.

The Caroli Food Court refurbishment began in August 2022, and guests were able to return in October 2022. New restaurants and cafés had also been added in the expanded area.

Attractive design

A bright, spacious environment has been created to provide the best possible dining experience in cosy surroundings. The refurbishment has opened up more space to create a bigger dining area, with more daylight, more colours, green plants and natural materials.

Various seating options have also been worked into the design – for lunch in a hurry, or for a more leisurely meal, as well as for going outside to enjoy one of the adjacent green spaces.

Troldtekt design solution on the walls

As a supplement to Caroli Food Court’s bright, natural design, the Troldtekt tilt line design solution in painted white has been selected. The acoustic panels are wall-mounted; in addition to providing comfortable acoustics, the panels stand out clearly as a decorative element with the faceted fields of the design.

Each acoustic panel has six angled grooves, and milled half grooves along the outer edges. This creates continuous, straight tracks at the joint between two panels, with elegant variation between oblique and straight grooves.