Sustainability and Sound Design at The Chamberlain Hotel

Sustainability and ethical design are the keystone principles of a new underground cocktail bar and all-day dining venue owned by Fuller’s Brewery near the Tower of London in central London.

Troldtekt acoustic ceilings in hotels
Photo: Sibley Grove

Created by interior design company Sibley Grove, the project at The Chamberlain Hotel epitomises how ethical designers can work with forward-thinking clients to create beautiful spaces with minimal impact to the environment. It is an understanding that by investing in high quality materials from reliable sources, by respecting the identity and history of existing buildings and locations, it’s possible to create spaces that remain relevant for years to come. Designing with this approach means that if and when the time comes for a change, the materials can be re-used, re-appropriated or upcycled.

With this in mind, the designers were keen to specify as many sustainable and Cradle-to-Cradle certified materials as possible such as wall and floor tiles, timber, carpets and Troldtekt’s sound-absorbing wood wool ceilings (which are certified to Silver Level).

As designer Jeremy Grove comments, “We believe good design should enhance people’s lives and work in harmony with the natural environment. The hotel industry is inherently wasteful, but people are looking for ways to correct this. Cradle-to-Cradle is an extremely effective way of tackling issues such as global resource depletion, exploited labour and excessive waste. The Chamberlain Hotel is our third collaboration with Fullers in the last 12 months that has used a considerable number of Cradle-to-Cradle products.”

The new ground floor has been reconfigured to include a stunning pub and restaurant, with a slick, modern interior. The architecture has been stripped back to create height and volume, revealing structural columns and ductwork, and the façade has been adapted so that natural light can flood into the space. By its very nature, this created a lot of hard surfaces so Troldtekt’s acoustic wood wool panels were specified to help combat the problems generated by noise and reverberated sounds.

The ground floor also includes a new fresh and vibrant hotel reception. There is a new concrete reception counter with blackened steel trims, serving Fuller’s own Brewer Street coffee. The designers have used an eclectic range of furniture, creating spaces to relax, catch up on e-mails or to hold an informal meeting.

The most significant change to the business is the creation of a brand-new cocktail bar, set deep within the exposed underbelly of The Chamberlain. The space includes a private meeting room, cosy areas for small groups, and is large enough for private events of up to 130 people.