Recipe for success

In the old part of town around Mejlgade in Aarhus is a young restaurant for which sustainability and an inviting atmosphere are key priorities. Now, it has a Michelin Man figure perched between its preserving jars and bottles.

Troldtekt, Restaurant Domestic, Aarhus
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

Since October 2015, the four co-owners of Restaurant Domestic have been uncompromising in their efforts to create local, simple dishes using ingredients from suppliers in East Jutland. They have worked with such dedication that it has earned them a Michelin star, and the restaurant is now the talk of the town.

The restaurant is discreetly situated in a courtyard on the site of a former eatery. On stepping through the door, you immediately sense the professionalism that pervades the establishment. The interior is characterised by vintage furniture, worn floors and rustic details, and the food is served in a carefully lit and welcoming environment.


Restaurant Domestic prefers local, sustainable produce from well-known farmers and suppliers, and serves its many small dishes in a ‘homely setting’, where the aim is to make everyone feel welcome. To create the right atmosphere, the emphasis has been on comfortable chairs, soft curtains and good acoustics.

The Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool panels in the high-ceilinged room dampen the sound and tie in well with the other natural materials. Troldtekt is a recurring material which is used in both the restaurant, the bar and in the orangery, which is often used to host parties.


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