Full steam ahead for Tempowerk

The Tempowerk in Hamburg-Harburg is a modern conference centre with history. Combining a conference hotel and restaurant under one roof, it boasts a striking industrial design.

Photo: Dipl.-Ing Olaf Wiechers

Over 100 companies are based around the Tempowerkring in Hamburg-Harburg, south of the Elbe River, in a quiet yet easily accessible location. What used to be known as the hit-Technologiepark is looking to the future and is re-opening with an innovative design concept. The new name, Tempowerk, alludes to the history of the location: this is where the Harburger Tempowerk once stood, where the original Tempo Hanseat utility vehicle was manufactured until 1962.

A modern building with a striking design

The main building of the Tempowerk has undergone extensive renovation to create a modern conference location, offering conference rooms and a restaurant as well as a hotel under one roof. The striking design is immediately apparent in the open, soaring heights of the bright, spacious foyer. Dark brickwork on the walls, the exposed flue of the freestanding fireplace and columns, a combination of glass and metal as well as dark floor tiles create a unique industrial look.

Acoustic panels accentuate the innovative design

From the foyer, which is dominated by the atmospheric fireplace and 3D lettering on the wall, visitors can look up into the two upper floors through to the ceiling, where light Troldtekt acoustic panels form a stark contrast to the dark elements. To create a deliberately unfinished look – as though the building is a work in progress – parts of the ceiling have been left bare of panels.

Well-chosen materials create a factory feel

The restaurant is connected to the foyer, while the upper floors accommodate the conference rooms and the hotel. The industrial design and factory theme continue here too: the restaurant area combines a light floor with wooden tables and a dark, open-plan kitchen and bar area. Floor-to-ceiling windows bathe the room in light, while there are plenty of seating options for both large and small groups. A stylish combination of blue and black acoustic panels adorn the high ceilings, which also feature a lighting system installed on metal rails.

Ceiling panels in different colours create a unique effect

The bright, modern conference rooms on the first floor hold from 20 to 150 people and are designed for flexible use. From the so-called foreman’s office, which feels more like a living room thanks to its light, welcoming colour scheme, guests can enjoy the wonderful view of the port from the winter garden, which has its own roof terrace. The black and white ceiling panels match the light floor and strike a bold, stylish contrast with the colourful furnishings.

In the large conference room, equipped with state-of-the-art presentation technology, light ceiling panels are paired with a blue and white floor in a modern colour scheme. A generous gallery area in front of the conference rooms offers plenty of space for dialogue. The blue-hued floor and ceiling panels are perfectly coordinated and, together with the walls, form a harmonious aesthetic. The acoustic panels are arranged as large clouds, through which a glimpse of the concrete ceiling is visible in another unique design touch.