The open pizza restaurant

Following a successful start for their Italian restaurant Melværk in Risskov, the couple has now opened another restaurant at Aarhus Docklands with different interior inspired by the location.

Restaurant Melværk is located in Nicolinehus on the west side with views of the marina and woods, close to the Føtex supermarket, Market Hall and many other restaurants. You can enjoy the famous Melværk pizzas in the restaurant or get them to go.

Sharif & Nadia Marjan run the restaurants together, passionately putting their heart and soul into everything from the flour to the restaurant lighting. The kitchen here is located in the centre of the restaurant, allowing diners to watch the chefs preparing their food using carefully selected ingredients. Even the raw kitchen is visible from the street.

While Sharif is responsible for the dough that's the secret to a really good pizza, Nadia takes on the role of experienced restaurateur with a feel for the guest’s perception of the room and the menu.

Contrasts awaken the senses

Nadia is behind the design of the restaurant at Aarhus Docklands, just like the one in Risskov. The locations are related but adapted to each space. In this instance, they found pristine premises with concrete walls and a grey Troldtekt ceiling. The Troldtekt ceilings and part of the walls are painted black, making the ceiling less visible and providing the space with a different kind of intimacy.

The fact that the kitchen and dining area share the same area also places demands on the acoustics. The concrete walls remain untouched, but are counterbalanced by upholstered furniture, elegant New York glass doors and a natural stone counter. The interior design, like the menu, is very down-to-earth and honest. There's a fine sensuality in the juxtaposition of raw elements such as concrete and steel shelving with glass partitions, Troldtekt ceilings and natural stone.