Tranquil and intimate ambience

The newly opened restaurant on the northern side of Aarhus Docklands is situated right on the waterfront and aptly named Restaurant Havnær, which literally means ‘near the sea’.

Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen

With views of the Bay of Aarhus, the horizon and the woods further along the coast, the location is absolutely unique. The owners used to run a restaurant on the waterfront in Glyngøre in northern Jutland, and of course they also have a lot of seafood on the menu here. The restaurant is located at street level and therefore also has outdoor seating.

The building is called SHIP and was built by Olav de Linde, a property developer generally best known for the transformation of industrial buildings. Olav de Linde was also involved in the interior design of Havnær due to its strong focus on the use of sustainable materials.

For example, excess wood from the floors in the apartments has been used for the bar tables, while surplus natural stone from the facade has been used for the table tops and the bar. A really elegant detail.

Quiet decor

The decor at Havnær is minimalist so as not to detract from the views of he water. Søren Vester, who lives near Glyngøre, was responsible for the interior design. There is a strong focus on sustainable materials and interior design.

The ceilings are clad in black Troldtekt acoustic panels. The dark ceilings create an intimate atmosphere in the large restaurant, but also accentuate the strength of the natural light, while framing the view.

The ceilings contrast beautifully with the concrete floors, both in terms of their structure and their sound absorption properties. The other interior design elements are also characterised by structure and texturality, like for example the divider curtains, leather seating and wooden strips on selected wall surfaces.