Memorable experience in Horsens

UNDA is a restaurant and bar in Horsens that sits right on the edge of the city and overlooking the harbour. UNDA is its own unique place, and on stepping inside you immediately discover a genuine venue that knows exactly what sort of experience it wants to give its visitors.

Boasting views of the main harbour basin and two storeys that can house everything from relaxed morning coffee to bold cocktails and birthday parties, the surroundings are perfect for many different experiences and occasions. The interior design has been used to create a striking balance between a coherent, sensory venue and spaces that flow into one another without interruption.

Experiencing UNDA is like going to a concert where you are elevated by and immersed in the conviviality, the atmosphere and the vibrant materiality. UNDA is inspired by memorable holiday experiences, the saturated colours found in hotels and carefully designed lighting.

Design composition
To achieve the right balance and atmosphere, KAKI spaces has gone out of their way to create interiors that combine various design elements while offering an experience of supreme comfort. Small differences in floor levels create rooms within rooms, while the beautiful tiled flooring ensures a sense of coherence throughout.

The combination of wood and other materials imbues UNDA with a high degree of sensuality. The priority has been the lighting and acoustics, key elements that support the overall ambience. Black Troldtekt rhomb has been chosen for the ceiling, which elegantly integrates with the overall design. The rhomboid shape does not point in any particular direction, which is intentional. In the orangery, Troldtekt contrast (Product discontinued) with oak strips highlight the room’s distinct character and materials. Likewise, the lighting is carefully tailored to embrace the entire space.

The lighting contributes significantly to the atmosphere and the way the rooms are oriented, but in many cases also provides the final touch, such as the recessed lighting around the edge of the ceiling that emphasises it as an independent surface.