A welcoming restaurant

Restaurant Glød is situated in Turbinehuset in Adelgade, a narrow street in central Copenhagen, where it is neighbour to a historical former power station. The restaurant is on the ground floor, on the corner of a small square adjoining Turbinehuset.

Troldtekt acoustic panels on ceilings in restaurant
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

Restaurant Glød – restaurant ‘Glow’ – serves lunch for all the employees working for the various companies based at Turbinehuset. Over a period of two hours, lunchers arrive, often in small groups, and enjoy a sociable meal together with their colleagues.

In the evenings, Glød becomes a small restaurant, often partitioned off to create smaller dining areas. The venue is also frequently used for larger private events. The restaurant serves its meals according to the principle that those sitting at a table share the food, which is served on large dishes – so-called social dining. Here, the focus is on delicious cuisine and a cosy atmosphere where guests feel at home.

Soft materials

Turbinehuset is a modern and sustainable commercial property from 2016, built of brick with distinctive tombac detailing around the large windows. The building’s architectural identity strikes a fine balance between rustic materials and edgy details.

Glød also has large window sections looking out onto Adelgade and the square, with floor-to-ceiling curtains as a fine and harmonious cohesive element that further enhances the unique atmosphere. 

On the ceilings, including those in the rest of Turbinehuset, Troldtekt acoustic panels in the colour natural grey have been installed matching the character of the building. The floors are a combination of terrazzo and wood, and the same high-quality feel is reflected in the furniture, which is mostly made of wood and other soft materials. Green plants lend a homely atmosphere. At one end of the large room with flexible seating, the wall has been decoratively painted, which helps to imbue the restaurant with a sense of tranquility and character.