Street Coffee has opened a new coffee bar in Aarhus’s Latin Quarter, and designed an interior that exudes Street Coffee’s relaxed atmosphere and visual appeal.

Sound-absorbing cement-bonded wood wool panels from Troldtekt are often used as acoustic ceilings in restaurants

Coffee-loving Aarhusians were well-acquainted with Street Coffee and the company’s three other coffee bars even before they opened their latest outlet at Graven 22 in what was already a popular street with coffee-lovers. Street Coffee is dead serious about the quality and serving of coffee, but it is very much up to the clientele to put the next LP on the turntable and become part of the relaxed vibe.

The venue is characterised by a welcoming, homely feel, which can probably be attributed to all the personal touches. If you choose to drink your coffee on the pavement outside, you immediately feel at one with the buzz of city life.

Ceiling frames the life unfolding beneath it

The Street Coffee interior comes across as a collage of quietly vibrating colours and surfaces. The combination of raw, smooth surfaces with intense and diffuse colours tickles the appetite for the place – and for more coffee! An exposed brick wall creates its own image of raw wall remnants, while the opposing wall behind the counter is clad in shiny brown tiles. The furniture is a careful mix of used and new chairs and tables with just the right number of plants and pieces of decorative art.

Grey Troldtekt acoustic panels have been chosen for the ceiling to bring a sense of cohesion to the slightly asymmetrical room, while ensuring comfortable acoustics for enjoying coffee and music. Street Coffee has handled most of the interior design itself. One of the owners, Anders Skaarup, has drawn on his cabinetmaker experience, while other employees have contributed their very clear ideas on how to create an exciting coffee venue.