Wellness and pampering on the banks of the Lahn river

4a Architekten, which also designed the adjacent Emser thermal baths in Bad Ems (Rhineland-Palatinate), have created an impressive 4-star hotel that offers guests an unimpeded view of the River Lahn.

Photo: Olaf Wiechers

The elongated, five-storey structure boasts large windows and a façade with various projections and recesses, yet despite its size, it fits perfectly into the natural environment and presents itself as an open and transparent part of the townscape. 4a Architekten opted for a rounded, smooth-ground river flint as the key design element – as was also chosen for the thermal baths.

View to the south

There are 84 double rooms, all facing south with a wonderful view of the River Lahn, on a gross floor area of over 7000 m2. Guests also have an unimpeded view of the water and natural landscape from the seminar rooms, the restaurant and the impressive SkyLounge on the top floor. The thermal baths next door can also be conveniently reached via a private walkway on the first floor.

The covered car park opposite is also spacious and practical. It has intentionally been designed without annoying pillars, does not use a pay-and-display system and has enough space for 277 vehicles.

Stylish, elegant furnishings

The inviting lounge and meeting areas as well as the restaurant and bar boast a stylish, elegant interior. The foyer features brown leather sofas combined with dark green designer chairs. These are skilfully contrasted with the light floor and the black and yellow-gold walls, giving the room a modern yet cosy feel.

The contemporary design continues in the seminar rooms with dark tables and chairs, where the light wooden floors are combined with upholstered dark green wall elements as well as ornamental wallpaper and light curtains on the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Dark ceiling panels accentuate the warm atmosphere

In the bar and restaurant area, royal blue furniture adds a stylish touch to the large, light-flooded rooms. The light wooden floors together with light walls with a vertical linear pattern create a unique, warm atmosphere, which is accentuated by the black acoustic ceiling panels with their grooved surface. The large-scale, curved elements in elegant gold which are embedded in the panels – some of which are indirectly illuminated – add a sophisticated touch, lending the rooms a special character.