Club atmosphere at Uno Más

In the combined hairdressing salon and bar on Aarhus Ø, the staff are on first name terms with most customers, who like to combine a haircut with a beer.

Troldtekt acoustic ceilings in restaurant

Uno Más moved from one quayside to another on Aarhus Ø. The site opened in 2019 at Basin 7, along with a number of other small outlets along the Harbour Swimming Pool. Uno Más occupies two floors at its new location on the northernmost quayside of Aarhus Ø in the Lighthouse building complex.

The ground floor houses a café and bar with views of the harbour promenade, the woods and the sea. The upper floor is a hairdressing salon with space to watch sports on big screen TV. The floors have an open connection, creating a special atmosphere of liveliness on both floors.


Troldtekt used throughout

In the former Uno Más at Basin 7, the temporary framework was covered with Troldtekt ceilings, a theme continued into the new premises. But the new site also has a completely different character, and this time black Troldtekt line was used in certain areas for extra effect. That meant Troldtekt contributing to good acoustics and enhancing the relaxed atmosphere.

The graphic lines and visible ends give the space a graphic edge that matches the rest of the interior. In the new Lighthouse building, Troldtekt was used in a number of different rooms, from the staircases to the residential area and the many leaseholds in the building’s ground floor.