Plant-based food and interior design

In Kompagnistræde in the centre of Copenhagen, you will find a small, exquisite eatery with plant-based food. The interior design is just as consistent as the food.

Sound-absorbing cement-bonded wood wool panels from Troldtekt are often used as acoustic ceilings in hotels

At Vital Foods, you can pick up your breakfast or lunch made entirely from plant-based ingredients. But you can also choose to sit inside the inviting space, either with a view of the street life outside or a more secluded view by the courtyard windows.

The plant-based approach to food is a green approach to our shared society, where sustainability is a path to a more balanced world. Vegan/plant-based food is part of Vital Foods’ approach, but they also want to support this mindset in their choice of interior design.


From logo to ceiling

The warm and inviting atmosphere at Vital Foods in Kompagnistræde is created by the composition of everything from the its logo to the wall tiles and acoustic ceiling. The interior design is simple without being stark, and the light colours provide a soft expression that make you want to settle into the small space. The furniture is a combination of tall, slender chairs by the window sills, round steel dining sets in the middle of the space and green-painted wooden furniture further back.

The Troldtekt line design variant was chosen as an acoustic solution for the ceiling surfaces, which unifies the room and provides a direction towards the counter. The Troldtekt acoustic ceilings are precisely delineated along the facades, contributing to the simple and deliberate expression. Troldtekt in natural wood adds a wholesome warmth to the room and contributes to a more sustainable building.