Together – at a distance

The Hinge housing scheme for adults with autism is located in a scenic setting near Silkeborg. A single module provides coherence and plenty of variety, taking account of the well-being of the people living there.

Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool panels ensure superior acoustics in residential buildings

The autism-friendly homes in Hinge have been built on the basis of previous experience from housing this group of people, with the requirement to address individual needs as well as provide special shielding, but also with the opportunity to gather with others. The 16 homes are divided into two clusters, tastefully strewn across the sloping terrain. Each home has its own path, which is linked to the communal building via landscaping that connects the housing scheme to the surrounding countryside. The homes are built as identical modules with the many advantages inherent in that solution. The communal building, which connects eight homes, is constructed as three modules in one building and provides lounges with access to the courtyard, a small kitchen and staff room.

Homes with zones

The homes are similar, with variety in their colour schemes (both façade and roofing) and in their location in the landscape. They are built of wood with a simple, well-thought-out design. The hallway has a covered porch, and the home, which measures approximately 49 sqm, is divided into zones – distinguished by the floor colouring, from ‘cool’ for the kitchen to the warm quiet zone and the more light-and-airy living room, which also has a pleasant seating alcove. The ceiling slopes, opening up the home towards the patio and the view. People with autism often have sensory challenges and therefore need shielding from noise generated by others, but the acoustics in any home benefit from being dampened. Troldtekt dampens reverberation in the rooms, compensating for the otherwise hard surfaces. The sloping ceiling, clad with Troldtekt, gives the rooms a cohesive look and feel, too. Outdoor space is essential in Njordrum Care’s concept as an extension of the home and a shield from the surroundings; this can be customised for the individual resident.