Designing the atmosphere to suit the place

Surrounded by trees, the new senior living community is located as if in a clearing in the town of Fredensborg. The homely design of the communal building that is part of the development was inspired by the location, featuring various shades of wood.

Troldtekt acoustic panels on ceilings in residential buildings

The communal building consists of a single large room, ideal for all kinds of events, but serving also as an alternative communal lounge for the residents of Kongeparken. A large sloping ceiling with exposed beams, skylights and generously sized opening windows add character to the room.

SpaceInnovators were responsible for the interior design of the communal building, where the emphasis is above all on homeliness. This has been achieved through the intentional use of tactile materials such as wood, leather and textiles, yet without compromising on functionality. SpaceInnovators also designed the built-in cosy corners and bookcase walls, which, together with the kitchen are fixed elements in an otherwise flexible interior.


Soft colour palette

Whether the communal building is used for birthday parties, bingo evenings or a quiet game of chess, the acoustics are important. SpaceInnovators were able to choose just the solution to fit the bill in the form of Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool acoustic panels based on FUTURECEMTM. The clay in FUTURECEM adds a particularly warm and vibrant feel to the Troldtekt panels, blending into the overall look and feel of the place. At the same time, this was a conscious environmental choice, given the reduced carbon footprint of the FUTURECEM panels.

The Troldtekt panels have been installed between the stained rafters, and the lighting is beautifully integrated. This includes basic lighting with luminaires between the rafters and pendant luminaires, adding atmosphere to the room. Drawing on their extensive experience with the senior segment, SpaceInnovators were excited about the project and the challenge of working holistically to create a cosy atmosphere capable of accommodating all the various activities going on in the facility.