Student housing in the learning city of Lund

The oldest residence hall of the student association Lund’s Nation was inaugurated at Agardhsgatan 1 next to Lundagård in downtown Lund in 1959.

Troldtekt Lunds Nation
Photo: Jason Strong

The famous Lund-based architect Klas Anshelm produced the designs for the two wings on floors 4 and 6.

In the autumn the kitchen, stairwells and corridors were renovated. With a new suspended ceiling from Troldtekt, the sound environment is now significantly better in the corridors that lead between 150 dorm rooms, function rooms and the association’s office, explains Mattias Hedberg-Ek, head of the project at FOJAB arkitekter in Malmö.

Following Uppsala University, Lund University is Sweden’s oldest higher education institution, dating from the seventeenth century; it is still one of the country’s foremost universities.

Shortly after it was founded in 1666, the student association Scanian Nation was created and then divided into more associations as the students poured in. Lund Nation currently has over 4,000 members, significantly more than the 67 who joined when the association was added in 1833.

In addition to providing nightclubs, balls, carnivals and more for the students, the student accommodation in three different properties is one of the association’s most important tasks today.