Light and airy community facility

For three years, the non-profit housing association has been renovating the Skanseparken housing estate in Fredericia to create 330 attractive flats and a community facility. The community facility now has superior room acoustics and a healthy indoor climate featuring the design solution Troldtekt® line.

Superior acoustics and a healthy indoor climate in private homes with Troldtekt acoustic ceilings
Photo: Tommy Kosior, Troldtekt A/S

The Skanseparken housing estate in Fredericia was built in 1965 and is owned by the non-profit housing association. Skanseparken has now undergone extensive renovation, which was completed in October 2020. In connection with the renovation, a 500-square-metre community facility, Skansehuset, was also constructed. The 350 square metres are a dedicated communal facility, while the remaining 150 square metres house utility area with a launderette and the janitor’s office. The entire renovation project was supported with funding from the National Building Foundation.

Creo Arkitekter was behind the draft concept for the renovation of Skansehuset, while Ramboll and architect Thomas Thomsen project-managed the construction. Eigil Rasmussen A/S was main contractor for the project.

A wealth of activities

Skansehuset is structured around an open-air atrium – that is, as a building that is wrapped around a green courtyard in the middle. The building itself consists of large and small rooms that residents can use for a variety of activities. Large glass windows look out onto the courtyard and the park, and the overall concept is characterised by light surfaces interrupted with individual walls in warmer shades of yellow and orange.

The building is encircled by a veranda, and green communal areas have been created with planted areas, small oases and green screens, all carefully tailored to the surroundings. There are also picnic tables that residents can move around to catch the sun.

Resident involvement in the architecture

In order to create a community facility that residents can envision themselves using, workshops were held in which residents were invited to offer input on what they wanted from the future facility. Multi-purpose halls and smaller rooms, a café, optimised AV equipment and especially good natural lighting were all included on the wish list. And all the wishes were accommodated.

“Skansehuset is a meeting place for residents of Skanseparken. The idea is that the facility should eventually be used for things such as talks and other events, which are run by volunteers. In addition, Skansehuset can serve as a sort of library where you can read your newspaper or a book. We are also in dialogue with DGI about possible activities,” says Jens Christian Lybecker, CEO of

Acoustics and distinctive design

The design solution Troldtekt line has been installed in the community facility, and the longitudinal surface grooves create a visually calm look.

“We know Troldtekt from another activity centre run by our housing association, and we were very eager to use it in Skansehuset also. It was important to have both good lighting and good acoustics, as these are rooms that might otherwise be quite noisy,” says Jens Christian Lybecker.

“The acoustics are amazing now. You can hear what somebody says at the other end of the hall, and comfortably so. We have tested this in both conferences and online meetings, and we are very satisfied. The same goes for the lighting.