Robust architecture – now newly renovated

The iconic office building at Aaboulevarden 22 in Aarhus, designed by Friis & Moltke, was construction company Mogens de Linde has now taken over the building and completely renovated five floors of office space while adding a small wing at the rear.


Running along both sides of the river flowing through the centre of Aarhus, Aaboulevarden has always been an important thoroughfare. However, since the opening-up of the formerly asphalted-over river, it has been transformed. Cafés now line the sunny side of the boulevard – also at number 22 – while various businesses occupy the five floors above street level, enjoying both a central location in the city and a wonderful influx of light.  The top floor was originally a penthouse apartment for the owner of the company.

Bruun & Sørensen Energiteknik A/S constructed the building in 1962, and the architecture remains industrial. High parapets, for example, and slats in front of the windows conceal the activities taking place inside while shielding the occupants from sunlight.

Raw but cool interior

The modernist white-painted concrete facades, cast with sandblasted, rough boards have been preserved, and the building has been renovated with great respect for the original architecture. The interior surfaces have been replaced, and the ventilation has been upgraded to meet current requirements with exposed ducting below the ceiling.

The original building also featured Troldtekt ceilings, but they have been replaced with new Troldtekt Plus acoustic panels, which have a far finer structure, and which are better suited for open-plan office environments. On the fourth floor, the digital agency Valtech has created a relaxed atmosphere full of contrasts between the concrete columns, concrete floors and built-in furniture and curtains.