Small changes make a big difference

At the City of Aarhus’s municipal department for Children & Young People, the meeting rooms have been extensively refurbished, and the smaller rooms are now being used much more as a result.

Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen

The employees at this municipal department work with renovations, extensions and newbuilds of childcare institutions and schools in and around Aarhus. The projects often involve acoustic improvements, and Troldtekt is therefore a well-known product at the office. The department’s own meeting rooms were an excellent opportunity to try out some of Troldtekt’s many new design solutions as a new visual and aesthetic aspect of meeting room design, but also, of course, from the point of view of the acoustics. In some of the meeting rooms new lighting was installed, and some of the furniture was replaced.

Desire for differentiation

Troldtekt’s consultant Bente Rasmussen Therkildsen presented the company’s palette of design solutions and the countless possibilities for combining the wide range of patterns and colours. One meeting room was fitted with Troldtekt rhomb on one end wall, while another was fitted with Troldtekt line. Much of the furniture was also replaced, resulting in a higher degree of differentiation between the rooms. Nanna Calmar Andersen, team leader at the department, says that creating contrast between the meeting rooms is intended to encourage greater use of the rooms and thus support collaboration and a positive work environment at the office. So far, the feedback has been positive, and the acoustics in the newly refurbished meeting rooms are superb.