Dark ceilings create exclusive atmosphere in raw corporate headquarters

Natural rawness, plenty of space and an honest look. That is what the exhibition and interior design company Ambiente has created in the new 11,500 square-metre company headquarters near Skanderborg. The contrasts are found in the refined details of the décor.

Sound-absorbing cement-bonded wood wool panels from Troldtekt are often used as acoustic ceilings in commercial properties
Photo: Tommy Kosior, Troldtekt A/S

Behind the dark façade near the Skanderborg exit on the E45 is the raw and rustic headquarters of the exhibition and interior design company Ambiente. Moving out of the offices in Højbjerg wasn’t the original plan, but the company had grown out of the space and seized the chance to create something truly unique.

“It was the perfect opportunity for us as a professional interior design company to provide our interpretation of what a corporate headquarters might look like and be a source of inspiration to both employees and customers,” says Michael Skjødt, owner and creative director at Ambiente.

The goal was to build something that had not been seen before, and in less than a year an empty field in Stilling was transformed into an inspiring workplace where the 50 employees enjoy high ceilings and spaciousness in every respect. Ambiente’s offices were constructed in a few months in a raw, unplastered concrete frame filled with contrasts from soft details and stringent architecture. The décor reflects the fact that Ambiente is expert in unfolding creative universes and building them up – together with the customer.

White city of building blocks

That is why it is a natural stroke of genius that the concrete headquarters has 18 staggered, bright white cubes growing inside. Cubes reminiscent of building blocks in the middle of a game. White City, as the cubes are called, are rooms that can be used to expand creativity in the form of meeting rooms, exhibitions or offices.

“Our new headquarters, and White City in particular, should tell people what we can build. We don’t have an actual product as such because we invent everything with our customers. This makes our business unique, which is why our offices should also be unique and be a source of inspiration,” explains Michael Skjødt.

All under one ceiling

The interior design company’s new headquarters was created by the architectural firm Ardess, with a focus on the equality between the professional groups. The building was therefore constructed with a continuous, strong connection, from the tradespeople in production to the designers and sales team at the desks.

Each department overlooks the 1,000 m2 atrium. The outdoor space is inspired by the Danish coniferous forest and follows the building’s rugged throughline to perfection. Tall, green trees characterise the decoration in the high-ceilinged rooms, helping to create atmosphere and tranquillity.

The size of the space requires the acoustics to be fully under control. Therefore, elegant black Troldtekt acoustic panels have been installed throughout the administrative area.

“Troldtekt panels have a natural ruggedness and are incredibly honest in style, which speaks to our vision of wanting honesty in everything,” says Michael Skjødt.

Black-painted Troldtekt panels were chosen for the entire administrative area and the canteen, which is decorated as a restaurant. The black Troldtekt ceilings combined with long, heavy curtains give the room an intimate and slightly lounge-like vibe. In White City, where the décor must be modifiable, ceilings and overhangs are covered with neutral white-painted Troldtekt panels.

“The cubes in White City must be bright and open, which is why we have chosen white Troldtekt for the ceilings here. The rooms also serve as showrooms, and therefore there is a continuous variability in both interior design and function,” explains Michael Skjødt.