A contemporary space for creative work

Promoting the development of start-ups and helping them conquer new markets – this is the core business of the early-stage investor APX. The accelerator has been up and running since 2018 in Kreuzberg, the sprawling borough of artists and students in the heart of Berlin.

Photo: Diplomingeniør Olaf Wiechers, arkitekt

With the support of Axel Springer and Porsche, the two managing directors, Jörg Rheinboldt and Henric Hungerhoff, have already provided financial assistance to more than 70 start-ups from more than 20 sectors with founder teams from more than 20 countries and more than 100 co-investors.

The name APX was coined from the initials of the shareholders Axel Springer and Porsche with an added ‘X’ to symbolise the new and unknown. Apex also refers to the turning point of a curve where racers switch from their brakes to the gas pedal to accelerate out of the curve, the executives explain.

In keeping with APX’s innovative and creative mission, the business premises are designed to be open and light-flooded, conveying a sense of artistic elegance and contemporary freshness.

The entrance houses a forum offering spacious stadium-style seating. Bright blue, open, metal stairs for seating as well as seamless steps in light beige and blue offer generous seating space for presentations and seminars. A long, functional kitchenette with white lacquered large-scale elements and small black tiles stands out elegantly from the seating area and is a perfect complement for events.

The work areas for the start-up employees are located behind the forum and are connected by several arcade-like, wide openings in the wall. There are side-by-side window seats and lounge-like seating areas, as well as closed workstations in an ‘office box’ with window glazing.

The predominant colours on the walls and floor are light and dark grey as well as white. An ingenious lighting concept as well as furniture in yellow, blue and red create colourful accents. A number of skilfully arranged objects and plants contribute to an inspiring working environment.

The harmonious concept is rounded off by dark ceilings, which feature the acoustic solution Troldtekt line in black.