Good acoustics in architects’ own workplace

In 2016, architects Resell & Nicca took over and renovated their office in Oslo, where a Troldtekt design solution was chosen for the ceiling in the primary working space.

Superior acoustics in the workplace with Troldtekt acoustic ceilings

Architects Resell & Nicca have their office in a corner building overlooking Kampen Park in the Oslo neighbourhood of Kampen, from where they manage both national and international projects. The office is located on the ground floor of the building which dates from 1933 and is a well-preserved example of early twentieth-century modernist architecture.

The space itself consists of a main room with a small kitchen and access to the bathroom and basement. It was previously occupied by various small businesses, but when Resell & Nicca took over in 2016, they renovated it and moved into the office in 2017.


Black and white colours as a renovation strategy

During the renovation of the office, Resell & Nicca opened up the entire space in order to work in one single area. The focus was to preserve the originality of the space and maintain a connection to the building itself, while also to add something new. This was done by keeping the white colour for existing elements and adding new elements in black. 

On the white ceiling, the Troldtekt rhomb mini design solution in natural colour was chosen, which not only creates good acoustics in the space, where people can work and get coffee (or other things in the smaller kitchen), but also contrasts with the all-white ceiling, adding warmth. The panels are arranged to form a pattern that also lends a decorative look to the space.