Inspiration, advice and solutions

Be it Berlin, London, Paris or Moscow – ASSMANN brings ‘Made in Germany’ quality to the world through its exclusive showrooms and extensive network of sales partners and specialist dealers.

Photo: Olaf Wiechers

Modern workstations with design-oriented fittings for shared use by various manufacturers. With the appropriate ergonomics, acoustics, lighting and communication technology in place, the offices can also be used to present the company’s own products and offer the customer comprehensive advice.

Berlin Showroom

This was how the network’s concepts for innovative spatial solutions developed in Berlin and Hamburg – by bringing together manufacturers from a range of furnishing segments and their staff in one place to showcase the diversity of modern interior fittings and to create a space for inspiration, advice and solutions.

This is achieved in the available space not by way of individual exhibits but through a clever combination of room elements from the participating companies such as ASSMANN, Troldtekt, BOLON and other manufacturers. For example, office furniture, glass panels and partitioning walls, floor coverings, seating, acoustic solutions, lights and much more are on display. Specific room functions are showcased as they are actually used in this concentrated format as opposed to the samples presented in many showrooms.

The target audience spans the entire architecture and real estate industry, including architects, contract furnishers, processors, landlords and building contractors. The network’s premises for innovative spatial solutions serves as an advice centre and showroom as well as a fount of new ideas.