Curved design for law firm

‘Curves’ acoustic elements by Troldtekt Deutschland GmbH enhance the state-of-the-art offices of the law firm of BISSEL + PARTNER in Erlangen.

Photo: Olaf Wiechers

The Erlangen-based BISSEL + PARTNER is one of the biggest leading law firms in northern Bavaria. The competent team handles the legal affairs of clients from all over Germany, ranging from labour to administrative law.

Centrally located state-of-the-art office

The law firm, which is also involved in extensive social outreach in the city, is housed in an impressive office building in the city centre right next to the Erlangen Arcaden shopping centre and the pedestrian precinct and is just 16 kilometres from the airport.

Visitors access the ground floor and the three storeys above accommodating various offices of renowned firms via a spacious, glazed foyer and a large atrium with glass roof.

Open-plan offices

BISSEL + PARTNER’s offices are bright and open. Black and glass dividers separate the reception area and various meeting rooms. Particularly striking are the light columns in the well-equipped offices. The light ceilings, where even the air ducts are a design feature, match the brown wood-effect floor, lending a settled atmosphere to the premises.

The ‘Curves’ design solution

The ‘Curves’ design solution by Troldtekt GmbH provides an effective contrast to the light walls and the ceiling. The large, dark acoustic elements with textured curves are installed on three walls and are subtly accentuated with lighting, inject a fresh note to the otherwise fairly simple, functionally furnished law offices.