From rubber and prams to exclusive interior design

In a former rubber and pram factory on Amager, Copenhagen, BrandsCPH has fitted out an exclusive showroom in a raw design. For the different rooms, Troldtekt acoustic panels in natural grey and a burgundy red custom colour were chosen as well as the design solution Troldtekt line.

Photo: Tommy Kosior, Troldtekt A/S

The former industrial building on Amager Strandvej, which dates back to 1950, was previously a pram and rubber factory. Now it houses, among other things, the BrandsCPH showroom, which opened in November 2021. The showroom is run by Nicolai Rubani Højgaard and his wife, Anne Sofie Rubani Højgaard.

Extensive renovation was required before the 600-square-metre combined showroom, studio and shop could open. The premises were renovated over a six-month period in collaboration with the owner, with Nicolai and Anne Sofie Rubani Højgaard assuming responsibility for the overall design.

Walls were demolished, and holes were created in parts of the concrete deck to add height. The showroom is designed as an apartment with a bathroom and toilet, bedroom, living room and dining room as well as an office and meeting room.

“The showroom gives visitors a much better experience of our products compared to walking into a regular store. We only exhibit five brands at a time – distributed between the different rooms – and we hand-pick selected products so as not to dilute the experience,” says Nicolai Højgaard.

In addition to the showroom, BrandsCPH is also a workplace for architects and designers, who can book time in the studio and work in the inspiring surroundings.


Selects items that stand out

Anne Sofie Rubani Højgaard is responsible for the visual aspects, i.e. video and pictures, while Nicolai looks after customer contact and collaboration. From the beginning they have been inspired by a raw style and robust materials.

“Our showroom is in an old factory building, and we shouldn’t try to hide that. Today, everything always looks extremely nice and neat when you look at home interiors magazines and traditional Danish design. But we’re not into that – we prefer a raw and exclusive style that stands out, and which is still of a high quality with a designer finish.”

“We usually go for objects that add character to a home. You wouldn’t put one of our sofas in a corner somewhere, but in a prominent position so that it stands out as a special object, and creates a wow effect,” says Nicolai Rubani Højgaard.

BrandsCPH sells to both private and business customers.


Different Troldtekt solutions

Nicolai Rubani Højgaard has chosen Troldtekt acoustic panels in different designs to highlight the inherent quality of each room.

“Many customers are not aware that Troldtekt has such a wide product range until they see the solutions here – and it often leaves them feeling positively surprised.” 

In the room where the concrete deck has been opened up, the choice fell on black-painted Troldtekt line, which can also be found on the walls of the office. The kitchen has been fitted with classic Troldtekt acoustic panels in the custom colour burgundy to add a touch of colour.  The bedroom and living room, on the other hand, feature Troldtekt acoustic panels in natural grey.

“The acoustics have been significantly improved, as all the hard materials such as concrete and the large windows posed considerably challenges. In addition, it’s a big plus for me that Troldtekt is manufactured in Denmark and from natural raw materials. In fact, the other two tenants here have also chosen to have Troldtekt installed,” says Nicolai Rubani Højgaard.