Modern aesthetics in a sustainable office

The office of the Düsseldorf-based startup urselmann interior has been renovated following the cradle-to-cradle principle, underscoring the company philosophy: from waste management to a circular economy.

Photo: Magdalena Gruber

The Düsseldorf startup urselmann interior is pursuing this objective by relying entirely on sustainable materials and the Cradle-to-Cradle principle for its interior design projects. In particular, wood from healthy sources and natural stone are used, while composite materials have been completely eliminated. In addition, designers take care to use less glue, relying increasingly on mechanical connections.

Modern design and appealing aesthetics

Even the company’s own 74 m2 offices in the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia were renovated in accordance with the Cradle-to-Cradle principle. For owner Sven Urselmann, a joiner by trade, designing his own office has meant being able to experiment with new materials and observe how they behave and change over a longer period of time. As with any other design project by urselmann interior, it is obvious from the startup’s own office that a modern design and appealing aesthetics can certainly be achieved with sustainable materials.

Minimalist and functional with a subtle Mediterranean flair

Bathed in light, the office impresses with its showroom and kitchen that boast a minimalist functional design while using ample light wood to create an inviting atmosphere and a pleasantly calm working and living space. The light-coloured wall in the office has been covered to just over wainscot height with vertical pieces of felt, while round wood-panelled arches serve as both a passageway and decorative niches.

Another highlight is the floor, which has been executed in light wood paired with offset, contrasting stone elements – a sophisticated design which exudes a subtle Mediterranean flair in combination with the round arches.

A successful colourful contrast to the light furnishings is provided by two oblong lighting elements, which run the entire length of the desks and are clad in a red-orange fabric with a broad wave pattern.

In keeping with the concept and design, Cradle-to-Cradle certified Troldtekt panels in natural wood are used to create a wooden box pattern on the office ceilings.