Colourful new head office

Croisette Real Estate Partner has moved into a new head office in Malmö, Sweden, where Troldtekt panels painted in Croisette’s pink corporate colour were chosen as an acoustic solution.

Troldtekt acoustic ceilings are the natural choice when wanting to ensure superior acoustics and a healthy indoor climate in, for example, office buildings

The Swedish commercial estate agency Croisette is growing, so new premises were needed for the global head office in Malmö. Croisette moved into new premises in the Hyllie district, where the building’s name “Croisette Tower” reflects its new tenants on the top floor.

The 830-square-metre office overlooks the Øresund and is designed with an open area for customer meetings and events, as well as a more secluded office area where employees have space to focus and hold meetings.

In addition to its head office in Malmö, Croisette also has offices in several other locations in Sweden, as well as in Iceland, Denmark and Finland.


“Power Pink Please” as interior design concept

The interior design of Croisette’s new head office is based on the concept “Power Pink Please”, which is intended to express an innovative company that is expanding and courageous, but is humble at the same time. In addition to the recognisable pink colour that is Croisette’s entire visual identity, the office interior design is characterised by creative solutions and reused furniture.

In the office corridors, reception and the large open space containing the kitchen, Troldtekt acoustic panels painted in the special colour pink blend well with the other pink elements of the interior design and provide good acoustics. Especially in the large open space, which is used by both employees and for events, the reverberation in the room is reduced.