New neighbourhood to be a place for smart living and sustainable growth

The new Ebbepark neighbourhood in Linköping, Sweden, will be an environment for dynamic growth with new sustainability solutions. Troldtekt panels are used in the Repfabriken and Spektrum buildings. 

Superior acoustics in the workplace with Troldtekt acoustic ceilings

In 2017, construction of the new Ebbepark neighbourhood began, which is expected to be fully completed in 2026. The former industrial area is close to both the city and nature, making it ideal for a neighbourhood with housing, businesses and opportunities for an active urban life. The plan is therefore to build both commercial property and around 600 apartments in Ebbepark. 

Ebbepark is divided into areas and the two buildings Repfabriken and Spektrum, which are located in the Verkstan area, chose Troldtekt acoustic solutions.


Architectural tribute to the area’s industrial past

Repfabriken was the first building to be completed in Ebbepark and offers modern office space, lab facilities, a cafe and a multi-purpose hall with a fitness centre. 

The building is a good ambassador for Ebbepark’s vision of being a bold, thoughtful and smart neighbourhood. In the building, new solutions in the fields of sustainability and community building are being tested, such as a geo-storage facility that allows energy to be shared with other buildings in the area, showers in the fitness centre's changing rooms that save 90% of water consumption and solar panels on the roof.  

Architecturally, the building pays homage to the area’s industrial past. The distinctive spikes on the building's roof were also characteristic of the original building and are reminiscent of the time when the rope factory Wahlbecks Fabriker was located in the area and was one of Linköping’s largest employers.

An open foyer and staircase extend the full height of the building, where large windows provide natural light and views of Ebbepark. In the foyer and staircase gable, triangular Troldtekt panels in special colours form an impressive wall design that simultaneously absorbs the reverberation in the large open space and livens up the room, counterbalancing the grey floor and walls. The pattern is inspired by the work of Swedish textile artist Marianne Richter, who worked as a designer at the factory, and is also reproduced on the gable’s outer wall.

In the corridors and the building's fitness centre, black and white-painted Troldtekt panels as well as natural wood panels are also installed. 


Modern and versatile meeting place

Next to Repfabriken is the modern office building Spektrum with its eye-catching glass facade. The seven floors provide a great setting for co-working, meetings, conferences and workshops. It offers the latest technology for presentations and digital meetings, modern meeting rooms of various sizes, an auditorium with seating for up to 77 people and open spaces for mingling and seminars. There is room for everything from small meetings to larger conferences, and on the roof terrace you can enjoy the view of Ebbepark while getting some fresh air.

Troldtekt acoustic panels are installed on several floors of the office building.

In the open spaces with meeting areas, the panels provide good acoustics for when several people meet up for informal conversations, where it is important that no one is disturbed by others. Troldtekt panels in natural wood and special colours are installed here, where the panels, together with colourful furniture, add warmth and colour to the spaces in contrast to the white elements. In one of the meeting corners, the triangular and parallelogram-shaped Troldtekt panels form a playful pattern.

Even in closed meeting rooms, Troldtekt acoustic panels in neutral colours contribute to good acoustics and a good indoor climate, nicely blending in with the spaces' stylish interior design.