A new direction in the warehouse

Flying Tiger’s administrative offices are housed in a listed warehouse, where on the top floor the ceiling panels and lighting have been replaced to give the space an entirely new character.

Troldtekt line acoustic panels create good acoustics, unity and tranquillity in this dynamic workplace housed in a listed warehouse
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

The 1791 building in the Christianshavn district in Copenhagen has an amazing waterfront location and offers plenty of historical charm and fascinating detail. This is especially apparent beneath the ceiling, where natural light enters from bay and roof windows between the wooden beams. Right under the gable roof, meeting rooms have been created.

OVER BYEN Arkitekter are responsible for the renovation of the space, where a lighting ceiling was to be replaced with better lighting and improved acoustics. OVER BYEN Arkitekter often work with the renovation and conversion of existing buildings, including preservation-worthy and listed properties.

Improved harmony

Flying Tiger’s ceiling was clad in white Troldtekt line acoustic panels, with the grooves oriented in the direction of the building. The ceiling has become a distinct and cohesive bright surface as well as delineating the space and the building’s length and character. Troldtekt’s textural surface is also an elegant response to the wooden structures in the historic building. At the same time, the room has obtained additional ceiling height and better acoustics.

The new basic lighting solution is composed of XAL line fixtures mounted perpendicular to the Troldtekt panels. Round fixtures are used in some transition zones. The ceiling creates an elegant coherence and sense of calm in a dynamic workplace.