Acoustic panels set accents

At the new office of Initiative Musik in Berlin, interested parties can get advice on the topic of music promotion in tastefully furnished rooms.

Acoustic ceilings from Troldtekt in offices and commercial properties

Over the past ten years, Initiative Musik has initiated more than 3,000 funding projects for the German music industry and for individual artists. The central funding body of the Federal Government and the music sector for the German music industry supports the presentation and distribution of music nationally and abroad and also initiates and implements its own projects.


Atmospheric and functional design

At the newly designed branch in Friedrichstraße in Berlin-Mitte, interested parties can get advice on the topic of music promotion in a stylish ambience. Several attractively furnished rooms are available for this purpose. Elegant wooden floors combined with white walls exude a calm and welcoming atmosphere both in the consulting rooms and in the modern working areas.


Column lock as a multifunctional and space-forming element

Patrick Fasshauer’s Studio ofórm architecture & interior design, which is responsible for interior design, has succeeded in developing sophisticated solutions for the design of the wall surfaces and furnishings and the routes through the office – especially in the passage rooms. Various wall installations with direct and indirect lighting, as well as multifunctional room dividers, give each room its own identity. Among other things, several columns, each shaped like a large L and arranged at a distance of 15 to 20 centimetres, were transformed into a translucent lock, which, in combination with furniture and storage areas, becomes a central design element, serves as a guide through the rooms and as an acoustically effective element. The distances between the elements also allow for a clear view and use of daylight. Bright acoustic panels on the inside and ceiling of the lock, as well as wood fibre insulation behind, absorb disturbing noises.


Acoustic panels as design wall elements

Troldtekt’s wood wool panels, which are available in different colours, are used in all rooms to improve acoustics and as a design element. Mounted over a large area in individual spaces, they are also used in most rooms as small-scale installations and noticeably increase the comfort in the rooms thanks to their special structure.


Shown in the best light

The relaxed ambience for working and consultation is also underlined by direct and indirect lighting. The indirect lighting behind the acoustic panels – for example in the kitchen – features COB LED strips in warm white with a continuous light strip to showcase the panels impressively. The planners at Studio ofórm architecture & interior design also included integrated light strips with colour-controllable LED strips in the wall designs, which match the corporate identity of Initiative Musik.