Elegant contrasts

The head office of Jensen & Nielsen Gruppen A/S is situated at the top of a newly built office building in Kolding. Boasting fantastic views, the penthouse office is flooded in an abundance of natural light, which the interior design underscores.

Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen

Jensen &Nielsen Gruppen A/S, a development and construction company, wanted the narrow office space to combine a good working environment with a homely atmosphere.

Local designers Reinholdt // Rud have expertly combined tactile materials and beautiful design to strike just the right balance.

The ambience is inviting and friendly, yet the office exudes a cool elegance borne by smoked oak and glass walls. The wall colours, curtains and carpets all help to accentuate the changing natural lighting. The building is sited on the banks of a river, and two managerial offices at the far end overlook the point where the river flows into Kolding Fjord.

Graphic effects

Black Troldtekt line panels were installed on all the ceilings. The grooves in the surface and the integrated lighting emphasise the building’s elongated shape and direction parallel to the river.

A very elegant, visual solution that binds the rest of the interior together. The black ceilings contrast with the large sections of glass, adding intimacy to the rooms. Jensen & Nielsen Gruppen A/S values good acoustics – in their own offices and in the projects they are involved in.

The concrete design floors are also a theme throughout. Like the ceiling, they underscore the fact the office essentially occupies a single large space.