Job Centre with a dynamic, positive ambience

The project, which was commissioned by an employment agency, demonstrates that open-plan offices and public services do not automatically make for a noisy and dreary environment. Instead, the space is friendly, contemporary, accessible and designed according to workplace regulations.

Photo: Linus Lintner

The Berlin borough of Treptow-Köpenick in the south-eastern part of the city is not only the capital’s largest borough by area, but is also the most beautiful. Bodies of water, forests, parks, nature and landscape conservation areas account for about 70 percent of the borough’s area.

Its territory also includes Berlin’s largest lake, the Müggelsee. In addition, the borough has a strong social base and is a significant and internationally renowned economic location due to its innovation and technology centre in Adlershof. With a robust labour market, the borough enjoys an above-average employment rate.

Nevertheless, people for whom a visit to the Job Centre in Treptow-Köpenick is unavoidable will now find a modern, open, customer-friendly and inviting place with a truly dynamic, positive ambience. Dynamically curved benches and two large reception desks in the reception area, as well as brightly coloured floors in blue and turquoise contrasted against light-coloured walls, lend the entire space a friendly feel.

The room features niches with vending machines and a hand sanitising station. A play corner for children, painted in a sunny yellow colour, is furnished with round stools of different heights in white, dark grey and yellow to form additional colourful highlights.

Lighting and acoustics in the Job Centre

The ceiling pendants in the spaciously designed consultation area are also yellow and round. To help users of the Job Centre find their way faster and more easily, the pendants are each marked with a large number to indicate the relevant consultation station. A total of 20 open-spaced consultation stations are available.

The pendants form part of the interior design, which centres around two key concepts: customer orientation and ergonomics for the benefit of the Job Centre employees. To create the best possible working environment, all areas feature a carefully considered lighting design with a mix of various direct and indirect sources of light.

Moreover, in line with this design and to ensure optimal acoustics in the often rather noisy daily working environment, Troldtekt line acoustic panels were installed on the ceilings and on some walls. The panels, which are finished in a natural wood colour, harmonise perfectly with the other fittings. The contrast between the bold, blue floor coverings and the tranquil, beige ceiling and wall elements is part of the overall aesthetic solution.