Office premises with attractive designer ceilings

An old villa in Odense has been transformed into a smart new domicile for the car dealer Karvil Biler. The focus of the renovation project has been on creating the best possible working environment with a good indoor climate and superior acoustics.

Sound-absorbing cement-bonded wood wool panels from Troldtekt are often used as acoustic ceilings in offices
Photo: Tommy Kosior, Troldtekt A/S

The car dealer Karvil Biler is in high gear. What started as a one-man business in Odense has today developed into a large enterprise comprising seven dealers on Funen and in Jutland. Recently, all the administrative functions were brought together under one roof when an old villa from 1984 was converted into offices and an accounts department. One of the challenges in renovating the old building was that many of the existing walls had to be kept.

“There was a limit to how much we could alter the existing structure of the house, but we have managed to create some good and carefully laid-out offices. For example, we have used the available daylight and installed glass walls to create a greater sense of space in the rooms,” says project manager Benny Seneca Christensen. He works for the bricklaying and contracting company Palle Johansen, which has performed the work.

Daylight floods in through new and larger windows. Moreover, a lighting designer has developed a customised lighting solution above the desks and in the hallways, where all the lamps are integrated in the ceilings. 

Clean lines in acoustic ceiling

Simple furnishings have been chosen for a pleasant working environment. In addition, priority has been given to creating a good indoor climate with superior acoustics. A grey concrete floor has a unifying effect, while colourful art adorns the walls. On the ceilings, the design solution Troldtekt line – acoustic panels with milled grooves – has been installed.

“In an office environment, pleasant acoustics are crucial. Troldtekt line has been selected for the whole building, because Troldtekt panels greatly benefit the indoor climate,” says Benny Seneca Christensen.

“We went for Troldtekt line to create a coherent look. I think the milled grooves have a visually calming effect, and contrast well with the raw concrete floor,” he explains.